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Wound-Be-Gone® Topical Gel for Wound Healing

Wound-Be-Gone® helps to neutralize Oxygen Free Radicals, which are known to cause cell damage and slowing the healing process.

Wound-Be-Gone®  contains no antibiotics or materials of biological origin. Thanks to this it has a wide range of use, no side effects, and can be used with no age restrictions. Learn More About How it Works >


Phyllis B., TN


“Recently, I sustained a severe burn on my wrist while deep-frying fish. I was advised by your medical question section to apply Wound-Be-Gone®immediately and cover with a bandage.The result is that my wrist has completely healed with no scarring. You cannot tell I was ever burned… Read More >

Macy G. Hall, Jr., MD


“As a dedicated healthcare professional, I strive to provide my patients with the best possible level of care, and I have found that exceptional product. I have seen several new patients in the new wound center at United Medical Center who are candidates for the miracle ointment… Read More >