Cesarean Section

The Cesarean section (C-section) has become a somewhat common method of child birth. Surgeons have become skilled at tucking these incisions low on the abdomin, to minimize the visual affect of scars. However, these wounds are still in a very sensitive place, prone to rubbing from clothes, skin movement, and scarring. Moist healing ointments, such as Wound-Be-Gone®, can make C-section patients  more comfortable. A C-section is usually right at the underwear line, often resulting in rubbing and friction on the wound, and also leaving it open to environmental contamination. Wound-Be-Gone®, applied liberally to a C-section wound, will protect the wound from dirt and germs, as well as from the friction of clothing rubbing. This gel  has multiple benefits. A scab can become dry and itchy, and also subject to painful cracking during movement. Wound-Be-Gone® might help to prevent this scabbing, providing a moist healing environment and makes the healing process more comfortable.