Clinical Case Study 7 – Right Groin Non-Healing Wound

Left Photo: Right Groin 08-04-2009 Right Photo: Right Groin 08-13-2009

incisionshealed incisions81 yr old male with non healing wound in Right Groin. The patient presents with open wound in Right Groin. VAC therapy applied. Patient history revealed non-healing open wound. Patient had a pseudo aneurysm of the femoral artery. Surgery was performed to fix this aneurysm at another hospital. Wound did not heal. VAC Therapy was used for 2 weeks. Patient was transferred to out LTAC for surgery revision and HBOT. Patient has history of ETOH abuse, COPD, Dementia, Prostate CA, HTN, Obesity, and Radical Prostatectomy. Wound was debrided and closed on 7-9-2009. HBOT was started. Wound-Be-Gone was started on 08-04-2009, area was healed in 9 days.
1 x 5g tubes Wound-Be-Gone® used

Clinical Case Study 8 – Right Hand and Shoulder Ulcers

Right Hand 07-22-2009 > Right Hand 08-31-2009 > Right Hand 09-28-2009 > Right Shoulder 07-22-2009 > Right Shoulder 08-24-2009 > Right Shoulder 09-28-2009

shoulder ulcerulcer wound
hand ulcerulcer wound91 yr old BM with St. III right hand and St. II right shoulder. Patient history revealed multiple contractures with Lt. AKA as well as history of PAVD, OBS, Paraplegia, HTN, Protein malnutrition, Pneumonia, Anemia and Diabetes. Local care in Nursing home to all areas. Surgery was done on hips, sacral and ischials. Wound-Be-Gone® was started on right hand and right shoulder on 7-22-2009. Wound-Be-Gone® was applied daily and covered with non-stick dressing. Both areas healed within 5 weeks. Despite the patient fully healing, WBG was continued to use to improve skin pigmentation.
shoulder ulcerright hand ulcer
3 x 5g tubes Wound-Be-Gone® used