Clinical Case Study 1 – Chronic Diabetic Charcot Foot Ulcer

Left Photo: Right Leg: 02-19-2009 Right Photo: Right Leg: 05-27-2009

chronic woundshealed woundsThe patient is a 35 year old male with a medical history of diabetes mellitus, hypertension, morbid obesity, sleep apnea, and diabetic neuropathy. The patient has no known allergies. The patient was treated for multiple foot related complaints since 2005 including ingrown nails, diabetic ulcerations, right hallux amputation, and charcot deformity right foot. This patient underwent incision and drainage of abscess and cellulitis of the lower right extremity on January 28, 2009. Blue Sky Wound Vac was initiated and VAC treatment continued until February 19th, 2009 with marginal results. Wound-Be-Gone® treatment was initiated February 19, 2009. Subsequent follow-up demonstrated excellent healing. The patient progressed to complete healing May 26,2009.
3 x 30g tubes Wound-Be-Gone® used

Clinical Case Study 2 – Diabetic Foot Ulcer

From Left: Top: Right Foot Front: 09-26-2008 > Right Foot Front: 11-04-2008 > Bottom: Right Foot Back: 09-26-2008 > Right Foot Back: 11-04-2008

foot ulcerdiabetic ulcerThe 64 year old patient with DM and PAD was admitted for an infected diabetic foot ulcer. She underwent surgical debridement and was started on parenteral antibiotics. Postoperatively the patient was started on HBTO and NPWT (9-5-2008). Patient was started on Wound-Be-Gone® after NPWR was D/C’d (9-29-2008). The appetence of the wound after 3 weeks of topical Wound-Be-Gone® showed decrease inflammatory change and evidence of neopithelium (10-13-2008). The patient progressed to complete healing (11-04-08).
infected diabeticinfected ulcer
1 x 5g tube Wound-Be-Gone® used