Cracked Heel

While having a cracked heel is a somewhat common foot ailment, it can also be very uncomfortable, and even painful. A cracked heel results from dry skin building into a type of callous, where the epidermis thickens and dries, eventually cracking. heel cracks can become very deep and quite painful, and they are slow to heal. Sometimes this cracking can extend through multiple layers of skin, even into the dermis, causing bleeding and eventually infection. For diabetics or people with compromised immune systems, such a wound can become a chronic, serious problem. Some serious cracked heels require the attention of a podiatrist, who can scrape away some of this thickened dermal tissue, revealing younger, more pliable skin beneath. Ointments, such as Wound-Be-Gone®, can help to moisten the area, while also protecting the cracks by putting a seal over them, keeping out dirt and contamination. The patented ingredients in Wound-Be-Gone® can help heal these cracks, providing a moist environment for the body’s own healing systems to work within. Wound-Be-Gone® is an especially effective treatment after professional foot scraping has been done; this ointment is safe for anyone to use, and is readily available over the counter.

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Article by Wake Pharma USA